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What to do in Varenna: enchanting Lake Como

May 19, 2021 | Best towns on Lake Como

What to do in Varenna: enchanting Lake Como

Imagine a postcard, a typical postcard showing a colorful, magical landscape. You may suppose that such places only exist in fairytales… Well, that’s not true! On Lake Como, there are a lot of fantastic villages and one of them is, without a doubt, Varenna. But what to do in Varenna?

The proverb ‘good things come in small packages’ totally depicts Varenna… Less than one thousand residents but plenty of wonderful things to do. Especially during the summer months, the town buzzes with activities: from the fireworks to the street food, you’ll have the chance to try many of the local traditions! Read this article and find out how to organize your stay in this charming spot!

If you are looking for an artistic and cultural trip, thenVilla Cipressi, Villa Monastero and Vezio Castle must be on your list! Take the time to visit them and see for yourself how amazing they are! Don’t forget to pay a visit to Varenna’s Church, Chiesa di San Giorgio, a place rich with precious relics!

What to do in Varenna: enchanting Lake Como

If you prefer to have a culinary vacation, you won’t be disappointed! Appetizing lake specialties, tasty Italian gelatos and delicious aperitifs are awaiting you… Yes, even the well-known spritz (a classic aperitif made with Aperol or Campari)! And if you want to stay fit while you try all the specialties, no worries! Sentiero del Viandante, a lovely trail with lake views, is the perfect solution!

Another of Varenna’s pluses is how easy it is to get there. Thanks to the railway station, you can reach Varenna by train from Milano Centrale in about an hour. It’s also easily accessed by car, by lake and… on foot thanks to Sentiero del Viandante!

So… What to do in Varenna? Well, it’s the ideal location for a wedding or a romantic getaway, but also for a family holiday! Enjoy a stroll along the lakefront, called Passeggiata degli innamorati (‘Lovers’ promenade’): it has plenty of local shops and it’s astounding at sunset!

Don’t forget Varenna is on the lake…

Ok, now you know what to do in Varenna on dry land… But you can’t forget that it’s on the lake. If your wish is to fully enjoy this charming site, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Taxi boat Varenna, located right in Varenna, gives you the chance to admire this picturesque location directly from the lake! During the same tour, you’ll also have the chance to discover another unique village: Fiumelatte, which translated literally means ‘milk river’. The river that runs through this town is one of the shortest rivers in Italy and its babbling waters have a milky quality, hence the name.

So, are you ready to have an unforgettable experience? Stay posted with the next articles to know more about our unmissable beauties!

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