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Villa Serbelloni of Rockfeller Fondation

Apr 27, 2021 | Italian Lake Como Villas

Villa Serbelloni: 2000 years of charm

Are you ready to get a glimpse of the middle Lake Como area? From the top of Villa Serbelloni, you’ll have spectacular views, the ones you’ll never forget! In addition to its beauty, it has a long and interesting history. Take a look at the article to find out what you’d miss if you skipped this enchanting place!

As you read in What to do in Bellagio: business and pleasure, Villa Serbelloni was built nearly 2000 years ago and it hosted a lot of important people, included Leonardo da Vinci and many others prominent Italian figures. Today I want to give you some suggestions to help you with the planning!

First, make sure to visit the Villa on a sunny day, so you’ll enjoy a wonderful panorama. This excursion will be even more fascinating after visiting the other towns of the mid-lake, since as you trek the walk to reach the top of the Villa, you’ll see ‘old friends’ out there… You’ll have a bird’s- eye view of the picturesque villages you’ve previously visited!

Villa Serbelloni: 2000 years of charm

No worries, you won’t get lost… An English-speaking guide will always stay with you during the tour! Talking of the tour, a sturdy footwear is a must because the walk is more than a stroll: in particular, coming down could be a test for those whose knees have seen better days. In any case, don’t get discouraged because it’s worth it!

What else? Well, you’d see a side of Bellagio not often frequented by the ordinary travelers, and you’ll be free to take photos of the breathtaking scenery around you! Yes, it’s absolutely the ideal solution to get away from the crowded villages!

Rokfeller serbelloni
Villa Serbelloni over Bellagio Lake Como

The winning combination

Ok, I told you that from the top of Villa Serbelloni you’d enjoy unparalleled sights, but don’t underestimate the opposite solution! As a matter of fact, from the lake you’ll have a wonderful 360- degree view… And what’s better than our elegant water taxi? You just have to contact Taxi Boat Varenna and we’ll arrange an unforgettable experience!

That’s all even for today! Stay tuned with the next articles and contact us for anything you need to ask! At the end of the season you’ll know everything about our enchanting Lake Como!

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