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Discovering Bellagio: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

May 19, 2021 | Lake Como accommodations

Discovering Bellagio: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Priceless views, Lake Como specialties and welcoming spaces are some of the several qualities I want to tell you about Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. This enchanting location will give you a terrific vacation in Bellagio, since you’ll literally be in the ‘middle’ of the lake! Take a read of this article to find out what is awaiting you!

Today I want to introduce you to one of the most refined and ancient hotels on the lake and, as you know if you’ve read What to do in Bellagio, it hosted Churchill, Roosevelt and J. F. Kennedy… And now it’s your turn, so it’s time to stop daydreaming and actually book!

First, think about the deserved relaxation: what’s better than a pool with a breathtaking view? Well, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni’s is one of a kind! While baking on a beach chair, you’ll enjoy a priceless panorama: the mountains and lake will fuse together!

Discovering Bellagio: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

If I’ve already persuaded you with the pool, then you’ll be enthusiastic after the following lines! It’s not a surprise that it’s the right place to be fully relaxed: in addition to the wellness center, your peace is guaranteed because nobody goes crazy in front of anything or anyone. That’s why I suggest you try something like this at least once in your life!

What about your wedding day or honeymoon? Trust me, the Hotel would give you and your guests an incredible experience… Even the smallest details have been chosen with great care, from the tasty specialties to the sumptuous rooms!

To conclude, do you know what molecular gastronomy is? Independently from your answer, you can’t miss this chance in such an amazing restaurant! Yes, the hotel includes an area dedicated to this avant-garde. And the best thing is that you can try it even if you’re not a guest!

Don’t stop dreaming…

With Taxi Boat Varenna your dreams become reality! We organize both groups and private tours which give you the chance not to miss Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni at least for a quick look! From the lake, you’ll have an astonishing scenery: in front of you, you’ll see the building and, behind you, you’ll have Lake Como’s vastness… It’s an unmissable show!

Stay posted with the next articles which will help you planning an unforgettable vacation!

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