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Fireworks in Varenna: the event you can’t miss

May 19, 2021 | Lake Como events

Fireworks in Varenna: the event you can’t miss

If you haven’t decided when to visit Lake Como yet, then I really suggest you not to miss one of the most beautiful summer events: the fireworks in Varenna. You may think that they are just fireworks, but they are much more than that! Today I’ll tell you everything about this magical evening, are you ready?

In the article “What to do in Varenna: enchanting Lake Como” I gave you tips about how to enjoy this amazing town during a ‘normal day’. Now I want to dedicate some lines to a special occasion, where lights and great mood are the protagonists.

Every year, the first Saturday of July, Varenna is even more beautiful than the other days. Everyone buzzles around with news about the weather: “Perfect, it’ sunny, fireworks guaranteed”, “Ok, it’s cloudy right now, but no worries, tonight everything will be perfect” or, in the worst-case scenario, “It’s raining but look at the sky, I’ve been working here since always, it’s getting better!”

Fireworks in Varenna: the event you can’t miss

Yes, you’ll see local people suddenly become prominent meteorologists and this will make you giggle. But if you think about it, you’ll realize that it’s the perfect occasion to share hopes and feelings, which is very important! Ok, after this life-lesson let’s go back to the main subject. Why is it an unmissable event?

Where can I start from? First, you’ll have the chance to taste lake specialties while walking on the lake-side, the lovers’ promenade. At some point, when it gets dark, you’ll see everywhere something bright: no, they are not fireflies… Varenna will be full of small lamps which will create a romantic atmosphere!

The perfect ending to your day

When everybody’s ready, it’s time for the awaited show! Colors, sounds, laughing and smells will animate this moment… But how to fully enjoy the fireworks in Varenna? Well guys, close your eyes and imagine to admire such an incredible show directly from the lake, maybe with some snacks and a glass of wine!

Hang on, it’s not a dream, it can really happen with Taxi boat Varenna! Book the service in advance to be sure not to let this opportunity pass you by and we’ll be happy to give you an unforgettable moment! What are you waiting for? Mark it on your calendar: the first Saturday of July you have an appointment!

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