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27 November 2023

Best time to visit Lake Como. When is it?

Which is the best time to visit Lake Como? To be honest, it’s always the ideal place to have a relaxing holiday, a family trip or a romantic getaway … Each month has its own charm! You just have to choose which kind of colors and smells you wish to find. Let’s help you with your decision!

Today I'd like to inform you about the different seasons on our amazing Lake Como. Of course each of us has preferences, so let's find out which type of holiday you need. No, it's not a test with multiple choices or something like that, I directly give you the answers!

First of all, summer. Sunny days, lots of cultural and traditional events, chance to visit the best places and Villas… in other words the lake is totally 'alive'! You just have to ask yourself if it’s what you are looking for. Are you still uncertain? Don’t you worry! After reading this article you will have a clear idea about when your favourite time to stay on Lake Como is.

I want to describe the spring time with one adjective: poetical. There is a real explosion of nature and sounds: flowers, trees, twitters, nice breezes... There is a rebirth of everything! I think it’s perfect for those who wish to enjoy the most beautiful gardens of Lake Como Villas. Calm and peace reign during these months and the temperature is perfect: during the day it’s not too hot and the evenings are cool.

The fall is the downside of the spring… All the colors change and everything becomes red, yellow and brown. I think it’s the most romantic period of the year! It’s perfect for culinary and cultural holidays: when you walk under the trees at the Villas, a real 'rain of leaves' will give you the illusion to be in an enchanted place!

Last but not least, winter time. You may ask yourself 'how is Lake Como from November to March?' Well, you just have to come and tell me yourself! Snow-clad mountains that reflect their images in the lake, hot chocolates and a cosy Christmassy atmosphere… Does this sound appealing? Maybe it’s not the best period to fully enjoy Lake Como, but who said you can’t come twice?!

We have no seasons…

So, have you decided when your best time to visit Lake Como is? Independently from your decision, we have the perfect solution for you! With Taxi Boat Varenna’s services you have the chance to enjoy the most breathtaking sceneries in every season! From March to November, we offer you both private and group tours which allow you not to miss anything! You just have to choose when and we’ll arrange the rest!

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