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Where to photograph something special?


Lake Como is a perfect location especially with our elegant boat!


You are a professional photographer from Milan or New York and you are tired of your photo studio and want to find something more for your subjects. Lake Como is for you.

We have many locations to take advantage of for your photos and many moments of the day with different lighting conditions to give your photos that something extra.

On the mainland you feel imprisoned by the limit of movement, you have never tried to go by boat to take pictures in all possible ways.

What you see

Duration: from 1h
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In just one hour, you can reach Villa del Balbianello and make another stop along the way.

In two hours, you can travel all the way to the Orrido of Nesso, where you can marvel at the incredible natural beauty of the area and take in the stunning views of the lake and make another stops along the way.

The photographer is not included in the price, but we can provide you with some contacts if you would like. The duration of stops in front of the villas or villages depends on the number of locations you would like to visit. Our driver will suggest the best locations and the optimal duration for each stop


Breathtaking photos!

With our boat with wooden deck and mahogany and leather interior you will take cover photos!
With us you can choose the golden hour to be able to take your photos in the golden hours and have an amazing effect without the use of filters.

Move the light

With our captain he will guide you the boat in the best possible light to always have your subjects illuminated.
You will no longer have problems moving lights in the studio, we move with our boat.



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