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Book a sunset tour during golden hour


Sunset Tour

Take a boat tour at the best time of the day

You’ve been out and about all day long and want to relax on a boat when the sun is no longer hot.

You want a calm lake with no boats around to be able to admire its beauty.

Or you want to go to the restaurant for a late dinner and want to do something special first.

N1- Classic Tour

Duration: 1 hour
Total Price
7 Villages | 5 Famous Villas | 10 Small Villas

A quick tour to admire the most remarkable villas of the central Lake Como area – Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi and the breathtaking Villa Balbianello (famous for being the backdrop of several Star Wars scenes as well as James Bond – Casino Royale).

During the cruise, you will also see the most beautiful and enchanting towns from the lake such as Cadenabbia, Tremezzo, Lenno, Bellagio, Fiumelatte, Varenna.

N2- Grand Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Total Price
12 Villages | 6 Famous Villas | 17 Small Villas

A pleasant and relaxing 2 hour tour that will give you the chance to admire, in addition to the Villas included in the Tour number 1, Comacina Island.

During the cruise you will also see the most beautiful towns such as Menaggio, Cadenabbia, Tremezzo, Lenno, Bellagio, Pescallo, Fiumelatte and Varenna. From the lake they are enchanting.

N3 – George Tour

Duration: 2.5 hours
Total Price
15 Villages | 8 Famous Villas | 23 Small Villas

Pleasant 2,5 hour tour that will give you the chance to admire, in addition to the Villas included in the Tour Number 1, Comacina Island.

We will sail all the way to Laglio, where Villa l’Oleandra, George Clooney’s mansion, is located. During the navigation you’ll also catch a glimpse of the waterfalls in Nesso.

N4 – Grand George Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Total Price
20 Villages | 12 Famous Villas | 28 Small Villas

A pleasant 3 hour tour which will give you the chance to admire the most beautiful Villas included in the tour number 3.

You will see Villa Fontanelle (famous for being Versace’s house), Villa d’Este and many other magnificent Villas.

Discover Lake Como with us!

Listen to the captain

The captain will talk with the microphone via the modern boat's sound system. You will not lose any information

Enjoy a sunset

The sunsets on Lake Como are something unique and unforgettable. Don’t miss it!


You will feel like a VIP on our elegant mahogany-finished boat.

USB charge

Our vessel is fully equipped with Mobile chargers for all our passengers.


Our water taxi provides excellent views of the Lake Como from all seats.


We have all the required safety equipment for adults and children.



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Arriving at the dock

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