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27 November 2023

Villa del Balbianello. What about it?

As you trek the walk to get to the Villa, you may find yourself thinking 'It’s a dream,
it can't be real!' Well, it is! Stunning architecture, breathtaking gardens, dramatic views
of the mid-lake… And this is only the outside! Only when you enter the Villa can you
fully understand how Villa del Balbianello is unparalleled.

The Villa has a fascinating history, but I won’t bore you with pages of details… I just want to intrigue
you! It had several owners, but I think that Guido Monzino, the last one, was a genius, since it’s only
thanks to his efforts that you can today admire such an impressive site!

After all, there must be a reason why it was chosen as the backdrop several well-known films, such
as A Month by the Lake, Star Wars and Casinò Royale. If you close your eyes you may hear Daniel
Craig’s or Ewan McGregor’s presence! Take a look at this article and this slice of heaven won't be
a mystery

Actually, it's quite easy to reach. If you spend your vacation on Lake Como and you need to relax,
then we have the perfect solution for you. As a matter of fact, Taxi Boat Varenna organizes both
group and private tours which allow you to comfortably get to this enchanting location!

The Villa is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you only stay on Lake Como for a few days
but you don't want to miss the visit, then you just have to contact us! The captain will tell you a lot
of interesting gems about this amazing spot… And don’t forget: you'll be in the middle of the
Can you imagine what a beautiful panorama you're going to see?

Visit our website to have more information… What are you waiting for? Monzino’s realm is awaiting
you! Precious furniture, books, art collections, relics of his expeditions… everything is still just
as he left it. Don't miss out on this chance!

What else?

In conclusion, some suggestions. Make sure to wear sensible shoes and that you don’t experience
difficulty walking, since there is a steep, gravelly path with steps. Don't be afraid, it's just a 5-minute
and it's worth it! Remember that big dogs are not allowed. You can bring little ones, but only if
you can hold them.

Okay, that's it for today. Stay posted with the next articles to have a clear idea about how to spend
your days in one of the most magical places in the world!

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