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27 November 2023

Villa Melzi: the botanical garden

Ending up at Villa Melzi is a must if you are on Lake Como! Japanese-style pond with
water lilies, wonderful sculptures, flowers and trees… Don’t you think it’s very similar
to the literary locus amoenus? Ok, maybe you won’t find the nymphs, but trust me
when I say that it’s unmissable!

If you’ve read the article What to do in Bellagio, you’ll certainly notice that I’ve mentioned this
fantastic botanic garden, but I think you need more information about its features and curiosities.
As always, I don’t want to spoil you too much, I just want you to realize what you’d miss if you
skipped Villa Melzi!

First, it’s the perfect compromise to get away from the crowded streets of Bellagio! Located in one
of its districts, Loppia, it assures you the peace and calm you deserve. And after a year of stress, few
hours far from the chaos are essential, isn't it?

Comfortable shoes and a camera are the only things you have to remember to bring with you. This
way, your stroll will be pleasant and you can immortalize each detail of your adventure! In addition
to the several varieties of flowers and plants, the little museum and the chapel will make you gasp!
Hey, there must be a reason Stendhal talked about this spot in one of his masterpieces!

If you are uncertain about the best period to visit Villa Melzi, read the article Best time to visit Lake
Como. When is it?: it will walk you through the characteristics of each season. To be honest, I visited
the Villa in every season and I was surprised about how much it changes thanks to the colors and
lights! In a nutshell: you should come to Lake Como at least twice a year!

So, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a huge lover of nature… This beautiful English-style garden
deserves your attention! You’ll lose track of time and you’d need more for such an incredible
experience… Take it from me!

You are on Lake Como…

After all it would be a pity not to reach this beautiful location by water! Taxi Boat Varenna is what
you are looking for, since it organizes both group and private tours which let you admire Villa
Melzi directly from the lake! What are you waiting for? Visit our website to find out more information
and don’t miss out the chance!

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