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27 November 2023

What to do in Bellagio: business and pleasure

It’s winter time and your mind starts to think about summer holidays. You are looking for something unforgettable, different. Typical shops, restaurants by the lake, romantic sunsets and fantastic Villas: this is Bellagio, one of the most magical places in the world! But what to do in Bellagio? Let's find out more!

There must be a reason if we call this town 'the pearl of the lake'. Yes, it’s small, but has plenty of events to propose and activities to offer. If your wish is to organize a vacation combining culture, relaxation and, why not, fitness, then Bellagio suits you!

Think about Italian culture... Yes, one of the first things is food! Well, Bellagio is perfect if you’d like to try Italian products, in particular Lake Como specialties! Thanks to its restaurants with lake views, your stay will be very similar to a dream. In particular, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, offers both classical and molecular cooking. Don't forget that Churchill, Roosevelt and J. F. Kennedy stayed there!
This poetic village has plenty of things to propose,  it's not 'just' about food… Are you ready to explore this wonderful spot? You just have to go on with the article!

Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni will delight you with their gardens. In particular, Villa Melzi is amazing thanks to its Japanese-style pond, rich of water lilies. The smell of flowers, especially during spring time, is irresistible!

Villa Serbelloni is a must if you are in Bellagio: now belonging to the Rockfeller foundation, it was built nearly 2000 years ago. It hosted a lot of important people, included Leonardo da Vinci… Its beauty enchanted the Italian artist!

So… What to do in Bellagio? It's ideal for getting married, for a romantic getaway but also for those who need some carefree shopping in characteristic shops: the picturesque staircases will guide you in your venture! And if you aren't tired the Lido, a disco on the lake, will be the perfect ending to your day!Close to Bellagio there's a little town, Pescallo, famous for being the fishermen’s village. It’s fascinating seeing them very early in the morning and at sunset time with their nets: it seems like a painting!

Don’t forget Bellagio is on the lake…

Ok, now you know what to do in Bellagio on dry land, but you can't forget it’s on the lake. So, if your wish is to discover this magical place without missing anything, we have the right solution for you! Taxi Boat Varenna gives you the chance to enjoy this picturesque location directly from the lake in order to offer you a panoramic view of everything!

Stay posted with the next articles! At the end of the season Lake Como won't be a mystery for you anymore!


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