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27 November 2023

Lake Como vacation: Tremezzo

Are you ready for your Lake Como vacation? If so, I urge you not to forget Tremezzo, since it’s one of the best towns on the lake! Villas, precious buildings with fascinating histories, breathtaking sceneries and delicious food… Yes, I think you are more than ready!

Have you ever experienced the 'everlasting spring'? Well, one of the best things about Tremezzo is the climate. Especially from March to October, your stay in this charming location will surely be unforgettable! But which kind of vacation are you looking for? It goes without saying that it will be your perfect choice in any case… Let’s see what it offers!

First, the church of Saint Lorenzo. You can be a religious person or not, it makes no difference. This building will capture your attention thanks to its position on the lake and to its precious relics and paintings! Last but not least, you will be astonished by its mixture of neo-Gothic and neo-Romanic styles!

It’s not by chance that Tremezzo is one of the richest Baroque villages in Italy! In addition to the church of Saint Lorenzo, there are a lot of impressive Villas and beautiful architecture to enjoy, such as Villa Carlotta and Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Do you want to find out more about these two enchanting places? Stay posted with the next articles and you will be pleased!

I think you crave to try Italian specialties in an elegant restaurant with lake views. Guess what?! In Tremezzo there's one! Yes, you heard me! Al Veluu, one of the best restaurants of the central Lake Como area, grants your wish... And no worries about your figure, work off the extra calories on the Greenway path, a 10 mile-walk!

Don’t forget that this town was a 'must' destination for some prestigious names: Queen Victoria, Giuseppe Verdi and the Kraiser Willelm II.

How to enjoy Tremezzo

What is the best way to enjoy this amazing spot during your Lake Como vacation? You guessed it: Taxi Boat Varenna is the answer to all of your questions! Our elegant venetian-style boat is ready to give you an unforgettable experience. Don't forget to visit our website for more information... Trust me, you are sure to create lasting memories!

All right, guys, that's all for today. Hope you feel inspired to discover our magical lake! Stay tuned for our next appointment, same time and day.

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